Zhall is a Tier 4 dungeon boss that resides in Trolls Keep. It is the first boss to be Level 5.


Zhall is a zombie that wields a wooden sword. He moves as fast as a player at walking speed. He has no spells of any kind, but he releases a group of 3 fireballs every couple seconds to attack you. These fireballs tend to fling people and Zhall himself out of the arena.


Try your hardest to make sure Zhall doesn't hit you, for he hits hard for someone wielding a wooden sword.  It is possible for him to fling you out of the arena, so have Aradnias Armor or Fire Resistance ready.  If he gets the stun on you, your health will go down very rapidly.  It is advised to swap off aggro occasionally so one person doesn't get damaged too much.  Zhall will continue to shoot fireballs even if you are out of the arena.  If all of the participating members are flung out of the arena, it is possible to let Zhall's health slowly drain away from him hitting himself with the fireballs and then jump in at the last second.

If you are soloing, the best thing to do is to have Strength II at the ready, constantly walk backwards, and swing behind you. Unlike King Echo , he can't hit you if you don't stop moving (generally speaking).  The fireballs can stun as well so be extra careful.  If you get flung out, you can wait a bit before hopping back in as well. Similar to Aradnias, if you have his own sword, it makes it much easier to kill him.


Zhall Drops the following loot-

  • Zhalls Armor
    • ​Zhalls Helmet (Protection 7, Projectile Protection 4)
    • Zhalls Chestplate (Protection 7, Projectile Protection 4)
    • Zhalls Leggings (Protection 7, Projectile Protection 4)
    • Zhalls Boots (Protection 7, Feather Falling 4)
  • ​Zhalls First Sword (Sharpness 7, Smite 4)
  • Zhalls Second Sword (Sharpness 7, Smite 7) 


-This is the first boss to use Inventory Loot. This is primarily a response to the fact that Zhall blew up his drops a fair amount of the time.

-This is also the first boss to have a noticable effect from leashing.

-This boss was originally intended to be a Silverfish, but was changed later on due to an issue with the Stone Brick Floor.