Stromm's Cave is the first Tier 2 dungeon.  It is a relatively short cave with mobs along the way.  The boss here is highly infamous for stopping very inexperienced players very quickly, for they often don't have the gear to take on the boss.

Name: Stromms Cave
Tier 2
Difficulty Cobble
Time Short

Before StartingEdit

Stromm's Cave is a very mild Tier 2 dungeon.  However, for newcomers, it is advised to be fully equipped with gear found from the Tier 1 chests.  It is also recommended that you bring a friend or two, as the boss Stromm may prove to be a threat of you face him alone.


When you drop down into the cave initially, there will be several paths to take.  All of them except the right are dead ends.  Progress onwards until you find the lava river. The wooden button will activate a small bridge over the lava river. After you cross the lava river, proceed straight and head left around the tight corner and jump back over the lava river. Make a quick right after that.

At the three path intersection ahead, continue straight. From that point on, stay on the right wall and you will eventually reach a large lava lake, with a pit on the other side. When you jump into the pit, Stromm will spawn and attack you.  When the fight is over, proceed into the portal to clear the dungeon.

Stromm's Cave - Speed Run

Stromm's Cave - Speed Run


It has been confirmed that there are a total of seven chests in this dungeon.


This is the first dungeon to feature a boss.