King Echo is a Tier 4 boss mob from King Echos Castle .


King Echo is a Wither Skeleton wielding a diamond sword.  It spawns with two Level 5 skeleton minions and it runs faster than the general walking speed, making it difficult to walk backwards and swing at.  However, it has no special spells, although it can induce the Wither I effect on you for 10 seconds if it hits you.


It is extremely difficult to kill King Echo due to its high speed and skeleton minions.  Since there are level 5 skeletons, they can throw you around very easily.  However this is countered by the fact that they tend to have a rather long respawn time.  If you are going in a group, it is suggested to switch aggro occasionally between the players and try not to let King Echo hit you too much.  If he pins you into a corner, it more than likely results in a swift death.

If you are soloing, there aren't too many options for you.  All you can really do is keep sprinting and turn around and swing your sword at King Echo occasionally. If he hits you and stuns you, you will lose a lot of health. Come armed with several healing and regen potions.

A neat trick you can do is hide under the poles that are sticking up in a fashion that King Echo cannot hit you.  What you do is you go half under the pole and half out the other end.  That way, the game will register you as the block closer to King Echo so he will try to move forward to hit you but be stuck by the overhang.  If you're too far back, King Echo will simply walk around the pole and continue to beat you up.  And if you are too close, King Echo will hit you out from underneath the pole and will proceed to go around to hit you again.  It takes time to learn, but it is a very handy technique for taking out King Echo.


King Echo drops the following gear

  • King Echos Obsidian Armor (All Protection 7 Unbreaking 5)
  • King Echos Eternity (Sword; Sharpness 8, Unbreaking 7, Fire Aspect 4.)