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Aradnias under the brightened End Sky


Aradnias is a Tier 4 Boss from The Sanctuary.


Aradnias is a Level 4 spider.  The fight takes place on a small floating platform in the middle of The End. Some of his spells include the ability to spawn Level 1 Spider minions, throw you up in the air, and teleport you to its position.


Compared to some of it's other Tier 4 peers, Aradnias isn't the hardest of fights. It can prove a threat to newcomers, but for those who are returning with Tier 4 gear, the fight should be a pushover, especially if you have the boss' sword drop. Don't stop moving around the platform to avoid being hit, and make sure you put away your knockback swords to avoid flinging the boss off the platform, for this boss doesn't have leashing. It's a pretty straightforward fight for both those soloing and going in groups.


Aradnias drops the following gear-

  • Aradnias Armor
    • Aradnias Helmet (Protection 7, Fire Protection 5)
    • Aradnias Chestplate (Protection 7, Thorns 5)
    • Aradnias Leggings (Protection 7, Fire Protection 5)
    • Aradnias Boots (Protection 7, Fire Protection 5)
  • Aradnias Spider Killer (Sword: Sharpness 7, Bane of Arthropods 7)