This page is about the 0.41 patch, keep in mind when it comes to patches, they may be out dated or otherwise obselete.


Server maintenance bug fixes and changes:


The shop in survival now sells Horse armor, you can also sell more items to the shop!

Players can no longer trample crops by repeatedly jumping on them

Dungeon World:

Guilds introduced to dungeon world

Players can no longer /home or /t spawn out of dungeon world - this is a possible fix to inventory issues between survival and dungeon world.


Towny should now be fixed so only mayors and assistants  have control of the town Website:A new tab has appeared on the website listing all patch notes and changes to the server to date.Donator perk changes listed on website

Bug ReportEdit

A list of known bugs in the 0.41 patch.

- Using an eff III or higher pick causes block duplication with blocks like netherrack or sandstone.

- Superbreaker/Gigadrill causes invisible blocks

- Falling tree plugin doesnt work with acacia trees

- Donators cannot color their pets

- Melons don't seem to grow